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Hi its Jill with quick flicks, I'm going to be doing a theme of Lila and Stitch right now.

Different centerpieces I have most of them done, but I was going to show you first I know, I've done this before with this clipping magic.

However, today I decided I broke down and decided to purchase the 15 where you get 15 images per month for 399 there's different packages.

You can get I've been using it with the screenshot.

However, I found that some of them when I do a screenshot, the image still small.

And when I try and enlarge it and I know, it should be based on the pixelation out of the resolution of the photo.

However, I'm stubborn and wanted to see if that if that had anything to do with the fact that I was using the screenshot so I decided to purchase this clipping magic and try it I did it before with the screenshot then I did it after purchasing the clipping magic and did it with as a download.

And it did make a difference.

So I got like it printed out better using rather than doing a screenshot.

And using the download it printed out and came out clearer.

Again, you go through with your read on everything you don't want on the image.

And in this particular case, all I want.

This is going to be her on the big wheel, don't want anything else.

So I circled around with the red then I'm going to take the green and just start.

You can see it over here to the right as it takes form.

And this is the Pete.

This is what I do want.

When I first started doing this I thought, man, this isn't easy.

This is hard.

Then after I learned how you really use it.

It is super super easy, I'm, not going to download this one right now because I've done her and I've already didn't.

They do that I've already, but I want to say, I've already, downloaded and used the image again, I did it prior to purchasing and just doing a screenshot of my image like this versus using the actual download, and it printed out clear with the download when I zoom in a little bit here, I can see you can zoom in and get a better idea of if you have all your color and I see down here on the wheel, there's, a little tiny bit missing.

So I'm, just gonna take my green and hit that a little bit and perfect that pink and I mean, you can really play around with that and make sure that you don't, miss any pieces and that to me looks good.

And remember on this.

What I do is I go in here, and you can pick your background color, a lot of times people see when I'm the black background and you can't, you have to have a white background to do a trace in the software in the silhouette software.

So I always put it to the white.

And again, I already have my download so I'm gonna minimize this and Julie.

This is for you that I'm working on.

Let me see what photo you sent to me now I'm going to go in here and just go and see what picture.

Oh, it was a picture from the party.

Okay? Alright, I'm looking at it sharing.

This was the images that I did a bunch of videos on for the monsters.

University party.

Everybody saw those videos.

This is a picture that Julie just sent me.

Anyway, these are all the different images that I'm going to be working with so let's get out of there and get out of here.

And let me see what was the one that I just did I.

Did this one today, too in the clipping magic and I had done the screen print? Then I did the download, and it comes out a lot larger using the download, and the picture is perfect.

This one actually is a piece that goes the group of four like that, but I've got it all cut up, because this is going to be a two-foot piece.

The two feet are going to be two feet this way if I box this all in and make it a group.

It is twenty three point three and eighteen inches tall and see here, I'm going to ungroup it, because these all have to be cut into separate pieces.

And what I did here I'm going to do a video on this that I taped the white sheets together and also Julie I'm going to be making your backdrop and videotaping that which will be I'm going to give my first shot and I, don't know how it's going to work, but I'll do a videotape I'm going to tape.

Three sheets I've told by twelve together and try and print three in a row, cut it in sections I'm, going to be doing a backdrop of three by three and a four by four in the theme of the nylon stitch.

So that video will be coming.

Let me find what I'm working on.

This is the one that I just did them on the motorcycle and I've got it all cut out and I will be assembling the different pieces that I just done.

Let me see if there's anything else here I'm going to be doing this one and I'm working on else, I'm trying to see what all I got going on here and that's it for this portion, I'm going to revert to my camera now so be back in a minute.

Oh okay, I'm back again, I've got a few of the pieces done and I'm going to put together the last one here.

And this is the one that I showed you how I removed all the background using the that copy tool and I've, added a little bit of glossy accents to give it some texture around the eyes and the nails and on parts of the wheels and stuff.

This is a 1 foot piece and let's see here.

This is dry I'm gonna go ahead.

And what I wanted to is I want yet I'm, trying to make sure I get in the way that I want her to stand and her base.

I'm gonna go there and go ahead and start laying those out said in my last video, and my daughter got her new car today.

And so she was so excited to to go out driving around.

So she came and got me and I went to Target.

We took the the little ones with us and Charlie likes to she'll be three in January.

She likes to shop.

So she wants everything in the store, and she grabbed on the shopping cart in the store and started filling up with things.

Now, the shopping cart that she grabbed was an actual toy shopping cart, really cute looks just like the the store.

The authentic carts, however, made very poorly, but they're, very inexpensive, too.

But she was filling it with goods, and she was shopping when we got to the checkout.

Of course, my daughter had said to the the clerk we weren't purchasing that shopping cart and proceeded to put things that we were getting onto the counter for her to check us out.

And hoping that Charlie would not notice that we were not buying the shopping cart.

Well, that was a frugal attempt at hiding that from her.

She realized that we didn't get the shopping cart and boy had a total meltdown.

Well, I started telling her Santa Claus was watching her, and she needed to stop the crying because I did tell everybody at Target I, wouldn't sing together it.

You gotta read keep this in mind because it's important at the end of the story.

This story I have.

But anyway, I kept telling her the Santa was watching well, there happened to be a Santa suspended from the ceiling and the reindeer and stuff and I was pointing at it and I kept telling her Santa's watching and and he's, not liking that she's crying.

You know and I was going to sing, but he had said, I would not want to clear up the the Target store by my singing.

So I was going to do everybody a favor and that same.

It was pretty crowded in there and I was doing myself a favor too by not singing.

But as we've heard checked out and going out, she still was having fit because man she wanted that car and purse and I, don't know what aisle she had in there.

And as we get to the door and the the doors open I figured that was close enough to be outside.

So I started singing Santa Claus, or you better.

Not cry are you.

What is that you better? Watch out done that cry better not pout, telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town that I'm, not gonna sing it.

But everybody knows that song was coming to town.

And right at the moment, I started to sing.

Somebody says, yells out just screams I told you to knock it off.

Er, I, don't know, what I don't know what it was that she said, I got jumped out of my skin.

And everybody turned that was heading out turned around.

And of course, my first reaction was as I just can't through saying, I, promised I wouldn't see her get us.

You know, everybody would evacuate the store and no idea who was yelling and I have no idea.

Why I was soon it was me.

But nonetheless I looked at my daughter.

And in somebody else that was trying to figure out who was getting yelled at and I said, I promised her when I promised I wouldn't sing, but I really didn't think it was that bad.

And of course, it wasn't me, which they weren't yelling at me.

They were yelling that they're their kid poor kid, his whole entire store, heard it and I, don't know, it didn't look long enough to see how if it was a small child or not, but I'm still felt poor kid.

First I felt bad for me.

I thought it was my singing and I thought was somebody in target.

Yeah, that worked their fancy it cleared.

My store hours Christmas holidays, please don't force it in my store.

I always said, my kids first words, first full sentence this or mommy, please don't sing, I, you know, I can't even hum.

My kids I'm always cracked up, because as they got older and songs would be playing on the radio, they would always I'd always sing along and hit every now and then I'd get a word that was right my daughter.

So do you just make up the words as you go, pretty much pretty much anyway, it's fun, it's, good for a laugh.

So I got these all four down here.

Julie I did cut out.

Let me see that bottom on my mat stuff because Julie one thing I'm going to say is there are some really really cute imagers out there, here's.

What I do I'm gonna put this aside and I don't know if I've showed this because people possibly if I go outside, the cut lines that are within here within these boxes.

If you go outside of them, you will have to finish your cutting by hand and better have a steady hand, I always walk because I want them larger than even though you can print.

And my printer has the ability to print pretty much as long as I want it to they're.

The paranoid limits, I can set it to my own custom.

So it just prints non-stop, but I haven't figured out whether or not the software from Savoie will allow that so that's gonna be my next video scene.

If I can make these for you do like the backdrops I'm gonna see if I can print them in three sections, because I know, I told you they're gonna have to be pieced together, there's, no way that I can print them out because I have a 12 inch wide printer.

I cannot printed wiring that and the pieces that you want are three by three and four by four.

So what I'm going to try and do on the three foot one, which is gonna be my first attempt is I'm going to make the image three feet on my on my software and I'm gonna cut it in 3 1 foot wide sections and try and Pitt print it.

So there's only they'll still be seamed, but I'm going to have it printed where it seemed.

And they show less.

However, it's all gonna have to be folded to ship there's another way to ship it when they're that big, it has to be folded.

The other way is that could roll it and get a poster tube.

I, don't know where you're buying, but I'm sure that I can get them at any office store.

The poster tubes that I could roll it up and put it I will figure that out when the time comes.

And if that's the way I have to do it, you know, what I can even use a roll or wrapping paper and get some ground and plastic certain math know that to stop the problem with smash I gotta get see if I'm do it in a two anyway, there's.

The one with the the kissing one that you had just sent me I printed it out because I thought it was so cute I will say the print on this.

One is not spectacular.

Now you wanted I.

Think it was on this order, I, can't, remember now it was on you're, not a few Oh on the table boxes.

I can use some of these images.

If you want to mixed up with a whole bunch of different ones, kiss-up ever make them 5 inches tall.

The resolutions, not going to matter.

The only time the resolution is really important is when you're making them bigger.

If they're smaller for your gable boxes, I can use a combination of all the different images.

You sent me, and they can all be different that will be your call you'll have to let me know, I'm gonna get this finished up.

Take some pictures and upload it have a good night, everybody and Julie I hope you like these advice you.


Should centerpieces all be the same? ›

Centerpieces do not need to be the exact same at every table. A simple wedding idea is to mix it up with a few different designs that you can disperse throughout the reception. You can use flowers at some and candles at another, or a combination of candles and flowers. This will create a dynamic effect.

How high should centerpieces be? ›

A “tall” centerpiece should never obstruct guests' views, or it's certainly not tall enough. At least 30” is recommended; however, we think between 32-36” is a great height. Once you put the arrangement atop of a vessel of that height, it's standing at least 5 feet off the table, which accomplishes the grand look!

What town was Lilo and Stitch based off of? ›

It was on the island of Kauai, in the southwestern town of Hanapepe, that Sanders and DeBlois felt they'd found Lilo, Nani and Stitch's home. Hanapepe inspired Lilo's hometown.

Why did Lilo leave Stitch? ›

When Lilo grew up, she had to leave Stitch for college but promised that they would reunite on the beach of Kauai in four years. When the four years passed, Stitch waited on the beach, but Lilo never showed up, prompting him to take his space scooter and flee to Izayoi.

What is the rule of 3 for centerpieces? ›

The rule of three is often used when arranging furniture or decorative items in a room. According to this rule, grouping three similar items together creates a unified and appealing effect.

What is the number one rule in selecting centerpiece? ›

'Always consider the shape of the table. I find that round tables suit a single, tall centerpiece best, whereas rectangular tables require more generous attention to avoid seeming sparse and lonely.

What are the do's and don'ts in making table centerpieces? ›

DO: Mix tall (24” and up) and short (12” or less) centerpieces on the tables. Mixing the two will add depth and fullness to the room. DON'T: Place the taller centerpieces on guest tables as you will block the line of sight for your guests. Short pieces on guest tables promote conversation!

Do guests care about centerpieces? ›

Fancy centerpieces

Although table decorations and centerpieces enhance the overall look of your wedding, most guests won't remember whether you used peonies or hydrangeas, or if the votives were set in gold mercury glass or Victorian amber candle holders.

What are the rules for a table centerpiece? ›

A good rule of thumb is a large centerpiece should be taller than 24 inches, but you can mix up the look by sprinkling in a few pieces of varying heights. Add a tiered cake holder and fill it with fruit or florals or mix in a handful of vases in varying sizes and your table will be set in no time.

Is Lilo autistic? ›

While there appears to be no evidence that creators Chris Sanders and Dean Deblois intentionally made Lilo autistic, it is a widely accepted theory among fans—especially for those who are on the spectrum or believe themselves to be—that her neurodivergence is at least implied, much in the same way that other Disney ...

What animal is Stitch based on? ›

Stitch's Real Animal Type

To cut a long story short, Stitch is a koala and not a dog, as people thought he was (that's right, we're talking about you). Chris Sanders designed and voiced the character of Stitch in the movie, and he envisioned Stitch as a small, genetically-engineered creature that resembles a mammal.

How old is Lilo? ›

Lilo is a small, short, chubby, little, 6-year-old (7 at the end of Lilo & Stitch) Hawaiian girl with long, straight black hair, large, dark and almond-shaped brown eyes, a big nose and a round chubby face due to her age. She is most often seen wearing a red muumuu with white leaf patterns all over it and blue sandals.

What race is Lilo? ›

She is a young Native Hawaiian girl who lives on the island of Kauaʻi with her older sister Nani and her extended family of alien visitors marooned on Earth.

Does Lilo have a daughter? ›

Ani Pelekai is Lilo Pelekai's daughter seen in Stitch!. She looks exactly like Lilo when she was her age to the point that Stitch fully believed she was Lilo until her mother appeared. It is unknown who her father is.

Is Lilo Polynesian or Samoan? ›

Disney's 2002 film, “Lilo and Stitch,” features multiple scenes where we watch young Lilo, a native Hawaiian, learn about and connect with her culture in hula classes, paralleled by Nani's harsh reality of performing that culture in appropriated outfits for her waitressing job.

Should wedding centerpieces match? ›

Nope! In fact, we love the varied look that non-matching centerpieces create in a venue. There are a lot of options for mixing up your centerpiece game. Using an assortment of tall and short arrangements is a great place to start.

Do centerpieces have to match bouquets? ›

Do wedding table centerpieces have to match the flowers? If you want the very short answer, no, your bridal bouquet, ceremony flowers and centerpieces do not have to coordinate with each other.


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