I had to uninvite a wedding guest | Wedding series (2023)


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Uh, um, I look so chunky today, what's, goody, pervs, happy sunday.

I should be in church today, but I'm, not, but I'm gonna try and go back to it next week.

I have to like ease myself on in.

But right now I have all the laundry here that I will be taking to my mom's house to do like.

I do each and every week.

And the exciting thing about doing laundry.

This week is that my mom she bought me, uh, I don't know, if I showed this on camera on my birthday, but she bought, um, uh, what she call it a laundry basket for me on my birthday for my birthday, and it has wheels.

So I can roll it it's such a hassle, trying to like pick up the whole basket and carry it from the car all the way up into my house and then back down from the apartment and over to the car and then up her stairs.

When I get to her place it's a lot of transportation, I am not the strongest person in the world and those laundry baskets, be very heavy.

But this I used it for the first time just a few minutes ago, and it was so much better.

I was just rolling it everywhere.

I carried it down the stairs, but it wasn't too hard, because they had like really good handles on it too.

But if I wanted to I could have just taken the stairs.

And even when I'm coming home, if I don't feel like carrying the whole thing up the stairs, I can just I can just use the elevator, um, but I would still be able to roll it like to the stairs from my car and like to my apartment after I I walk off the stairs, um, even if I decide not to take the elevators just so much easier like something so small is like so big believe it or not, I don't understand this, but I don't understand why laundry baskets and wagons and all the stuff that I was looking for are so expensive like who would have thought they'd be expensive, but anything with wheels.

They just like upped the price on it like up the price.

So yes.

So, um, our agenda for today is to go to mom's house.

We have to edit videos.

We have to edit pictures for the clothes on our website.

And we have to deal with some wedding matters.

I have all dang it.

I might have to go back upstairs.

Dang it.

I was going to get the names and stuff of the caterer.

They probably have it on the website, um the names of the caterers because the people that we picked, and we were going to sign with they gave us a price like last year.

And when we went to do it again, the price has completely changed.

It is like a thousand dollars more and I'm, not about to pay an extra thousand dollars for food.

I'm, just not going to do it so I'm going to email or call other caterers to get a quote on them.

Hopefully if they have a new quote from the last time we got quoted on, because I remember them being more than being more expensive.

The last time if they are still price or cheaper, we'll probably go with one of those, um and also, um.

I did the save the dates so they're being mailed out.

I should probably they said that I'll get it.

No later than april 20th, april 20th.

But the last time they came within like three or four days so I'm, hoping that I get them this week as soon as I get them, we're gonna mail it out to our guest.

And so when we go over there, it's we're gonna go over to mom's house, we have to look, and I have to make a list of all the guests and stuff like that and then contact them to get their addresses.

Sadly, sadly, I had to remove one of those people from my guest list.

It's, very sad that this had to come to this is very sad without getting given too much details.

Maybe someday I will.

But right now I feel like it's, not the right time.

But it was very clear from the very beginning of my engagement, like the day that I told this person I was engaged that they were not supporting me.

They were not happy for me.

And just because I knew this person for so long.

I continued to allow them to try and be a part of the whole process and stuff like that.

But after like me, trying to give this person so many chances and I'm, not seeing any changes.

I had to reach out to them yesterday and tell them that, hey, you're, not going to be as involved in this wedding.

As we originally planned it's, very sad, because I didn't think I'm calling me naive.

But I didn't think that I would have anybody a part of my group.

My clique, my whatever that wouldn't be supporting me.

I didn't think there was gonna be any drama or anything surrounding my wedding and stuff.

So it sucks that it has come to this, because I gave this person a million and a million and one chances to make it right.

And they just kept making it even more wrong.

So this is this is where we've come to this is where we've come to it's sad.

So yeah, um.

So, yeah, so that is what's on the agenda today.

When we go over to my mom's house, we are going to look up prices for other caterers again.

I feel like we're going to be in this like never-ending cycle with these caterers and we're also going to get the addresses we're going to make out the guest list again and get the addresses of our guests.

So we can send out the save the dates.

And then hopefully we can work on the actual invitations next week and send those out so like save the dates.

And the invitation are coming back to back back to back back to back.

I think on google, they said, you're supposed to send out invitations like three months prior to the wedding.

So we still have a lot of time, but we definitely have to get to still save the dates out like within the next week, or two there's like a whole tornado or hurricane or something going on out here right now.

So windy and blew this whole thing up the water.

And the wind is like going so crazy, right now it was worse than this before, but look it up there and invented too.

It bends.

This little piece, it's.

So creepy, I heard that they expect they're expecting it to get really bad tonight.

But I guess they're expecting it to get bad this afternoon, too.

And we lost power last night at my place because of the storm, oh that's, what fell from the ground I'm from the ceiling? I want to see, oh my gosh, oh, my god, this all fell from the ceiling.

It's raining, yes, it's raining.

I always feel like my hair done my hair's, not flying around too badly.

But it's cold.

I think we should go inside because I just finished under it.


We can't go inside we're, storm chasers.

She locks me out, oh, look at that.


Recording here on that side of the building jonah made a little bed over here inside the blanket, you make a bed anywhere to get comfortable, huh.

Let's go in the house it's starting to rain starting to come on down.

Stop it.

Stop chewing.

My shoe, you guys, I'm having issues with gcam.

I keep getting a message that says, lens error, I'm actually surprised I'm recording with you guys right now, I'm afraid to turn you off, because I don't know if you're gonna turn back on I'm sad right now I've had, oh, ow.

Ow, ow.

Ow, ow.

I've kind of had a rough weekend, not just with the wedding stuff.

But also this camera is making me nervous and something else.


The other thing that's like bothering me, I like the weather today, it's really cold and icky, there's other there's.

Another issue that I'm having but I'll, spare you guys the details.

I could rush home and do the photo shoot while the sun is still out.

So I can get some good natural lighting, and I do all the makeup before work.

So I can be just.

I can just run into just setting up and putting on the.


Is it OK to uninvite someone to a wedding? ›

Yes, it's awkward to have to retract an invitation, but be clear and straightforward. Just politely explain that, unfortunately, you can no longer accommodate this person at your wedding. If you've fallen out or there's some ongoing drama, they may already know why, and may not have been planning to attend anyway.

Can I disinvite someone to the wedding who I sent a save-the-date to? ›

A save-the-date is essentially a promise that an official wedding invitation is on the way, and a wedding invitation isn't something you can rescind on a whim (or that guests can transfer to one another like tickets).

How do you disinvite someone from an event? ›

How to Uninvite Someone from a Party
  1. Talk to the person face-to-face. ...
  2. Avoid putting off the conversation. ...
  3. Prepare yourself for the conversation. ...
  4. Be honest and direct. ...
  5. Uninvite the person online if you can. ...
  6. Let the person know why they are uninvited. ...
  7. Make up an excuse. ...
  8. Consider making the party more exclusive.
Dec 11, 2020

How rude is it to uninvite someone? ›

Uninviting someone is one of the rudest things you can do to someone. There is no way you can do it “politely.” So don't do it. They will never think of you the same. So, if they matter to you in any way do not tell them not to come.

Why do people uninvite people to weddings? ›

At this point, the most common reasons for uninviting someone to a wedding are guest count restrictions, budget concerns or simply, a change of plans.

How do I decline an uninvited guest? ›

Be Honest Upfront
  1. “Sorry! We don't have the space for houseguests at the moment”
  2. “Unfortunately we're unable to host any guests right now”
  3. “I'd love for you to visit sometime, but this weekend won't work for us!”
  4. “I know we'd have a great weekend!
Jun 10, 2021

How do I cut a guest list without hurting my feelings? ›

How to Limit Your Wedding Guest List Without Hurting Peoples'...
  1. Only invite those closest to you. When you think about your wedding day, who do you picture being there? ...
  2. Segment your guest list. ...
  3. Don't allow people to bring dates. ...
  4. Limit children. ...
  5. Don't invite people from work. ...
  6. In short…
Nov 1, 2017

How do you gracefully back out of a wedding? ›

The best way to communicate to a couple if you suddenly can't attend their wedding is to do it as soon as possible. Give them your legitimate reason, so they know you're not totally blowing them off, and promise you'll make it up to them.

How do you uninvite someone after sending save-the-date? ›

A phone call or in-person conversation is the most appropriate method for uninviting a guest. Be honest and direct: When you speak with the guest, explain why you must uninvite them respectfully and directly. Avoid being overly emotional or confrontational.

What happens if you remove someone from an event? ›

They won't get future messages or notifications from the event, and it'll no longer appear in their events.

How do you politely exclude someone? ›

Consider saying something like, “I know you've got a lot of important work on your agenda, and I'd like to keep you off of this upcoming project so that you can focus on what you've already got. What do you think?” Or “I noticed that a couple of deadlines have slipped recently and that's pretty unusual for you.

What is the difference between uninvite and disinvite? ›

If you have invited someone to an event, but then rescind that invitation, you disinvite the person. If you have not invited someone to an event, that person is uninvited.

How do you regret an invitation? ›

To decline an invitation in English, you can try these phrases:
  1. Sorry, I have other plans. I'll definitely go next time!
  2. I wish I could make it, but I can't. I have a test that day.
  3. I have something else going on that day, sorry!
  4. I'm really busy that week, so I can't go. Can we hang out later?
May 30, 2020

What percentage of wedding guests cancel? ›

There's no magical formula to determine exactly how many invitees will RSVP "no" (trust us, if we could predict the future for you, we would), but it's safe to plan for roughly 15 percent of people to decline the invitation (and more like 20–30 percent for a destination wedding).

How many wedding guests typically decline? ›

On average, between 15 and 20 percent of guests will RSVP "no" to a wedding.

How many wedding guests cancel? ›

How many guests normally refuse to attend a wedding? The average number of people that say “no” to a wedding is between 15 and 20%. This year, experts advise that couples be prepared to welcome all of the guests they have invited.

How do you tell wedding guests no plus one? ›

Add a section saying “We have reserved __ seat(s) in your honour”, and fill in this gap with the number of people you're inviting. For example, if you're inviting your cousin Mary and she's not allowed to bring a guest, you should write “1 seat”.

How do you politely remove someone from a wedding party? ›

"Once you've explained your position, there's no need to argue or delve into more reasons why she's disinvited from your bridal party. The phrase: 'I'm sorry, yet I'm making this decision for myself, my future spouse, and our families' is all you need to say."

How do you exclude someone from a wedding? ›

Talk to your family and let them know what you're thinking for your guest list and if there are people you'd rather not be there or if you have a certain number of folks in mind that they're welcome to invite. Be gracious and kind, but remember that it's ultimately you and your partner's decision and no one else's.

Is it rude to bring uninvited guests? ›

Unless you've been given the green light in the invitation itself, it's never okay to bring a guest to a formal or close-friends-and-family-only event—or even to ask.

What do you say to unwanted guests? ›

I'm sorry, I'm not having overnight guests. But if you are staying in town, I'd love to see you.” You need not offer an excuse, but if you feel you need one, turn your guest room into a gym, a sewing room or a pet menagerie, so you can state as much.

What is an uninvited guest called? ›

Definitions of unwelcome guest. someone who gets in (to a party) without an invitation or without paying. synonyms: crasher, gatecrasher. type of: interloper, intruder, trespasser.

Should I feel bad for not inviting someone to my wedding? ›

If the numbers or the budget is tight, don't feel guilty about not inviting them. However, some etiquette experts say that any single person over the age of 18 can bring a plus-one guest, but that is really up to you and what your budget can allow.

How do I cut down on a guest list? ›

Easy Ways to Cut Down on Your Guest List
  1. Make It Adults Only. If you've invited a lot of families to your wedding, making it adults only can help reduce your guest list. ...
  2. Eliminate Plus-Ones. ...
  3. Ask Guests to Attend Virtually. ...
  4. Determine Your VIP List. ...
  5. Let Them Know ASAP. ...
  6. Try to Meet Face-to-Face.
Jan 5, 2023

How do you feel better about not being invited to something? ›

How to Deal When You're Not Invited
  1. Attempt to figure out why. It's helpful to start by thinking about why it might be that you weren't invited. ...
  2. Vent to your close friends, if need be. ...
  3. Accept it, and move on. ...
  4. Don't carry around resentment. ...
  5. Have fun anyway.
Feb 18, 2015

Is it rude to not show up to a wedding? ›

No matter how casual the ceremony, you should still show the couple that their wedding is a priority to you. "Showing up late is very rude considering the amount of effort the couple went through to plan their special day," says Fay.

What percentage of weddings get called off on the day? ›

The average engagement is 12-18 months long and about 20% of all weddings are called off after engagements. There could be several reasons for calling off your wedding such as: Uncertainty about a relationship. Pressured to get married.

How do you let people know you Cancelled your wedding? ›

What's the Best Way To Tell Our Guests?
  1. Send an email announcement to your entire guest list and then give each member of your wedding party a list of guests to contact. Ask them to call each guest personally to check they got the email and find out if they plan to attend.
  2. Send a digital or formal postponement card.
Nov 25, 2021

How do you avoid uninvited guests at a wedding? ›

The easiest option is to have somebody at the door of the venue – an usher, for example – who cross-checks the name of each guest with your guest list. This stops gate-crashers from entering in the first place. You can even hire wedding security to enforce the guest list requirement.

What to do when invite friends over? ›

what to do with friends at home
  1. Serve Ice Cream. This is such a fun, easy way to have people over. ...
  2. Host a Game Night. ...
  3. Invite people to help with a project. ...
  4. Try Breakfast or Brunch instead. ...
  5. Serve up Root Beer Floats. ...
  6. Decorate Gingerbread Houses. ...
  7. Throw a S'mores Party. ...
  8. Start a Pi Day party tradition.
Apr 17, 2023

How much do you give for a wedding if you are not invited? ›

The amount you put toward the gift should reflect your closeness to this family member. Since you're not actually attending the wedding, it's acceptable to spend slightly less on a gift than you would if you were attending in person. A card accompanied by a small gift will more than suffice.

How to tell someone they are no longer invited to your wedding? ›

Again - the best way around this is to be clear that they are not invited. You can say something along the lines of: “As much as I care about you all and enjoy working with you, our guest list is very limited so [PARTNER] and I have both agreed not to invite colleagues.”

Is $100 enough to give at a wedding? ›

Bottom line: There's no hard-and-fast rule on how much cash to give as a wedding gift. Wedding experts do, however, advise starting at $100. From there, you may want to adjust up to $500 based on factors such as your relationship with the couple, your budget and the cost of your attendance at the wedding.

Is $200 enough to give at a wedding? ›

Here is a general rule of thumb: For acquaintances and coworkers, giving the couple a gift of $50 may be appropriate. However, if a guest is closer to them, they may want to aim for at least $75 to $100. If a guest has a close relationship with the couple, $200 is an excellent cash wedding gift amount.

Is $100 a good wedding gift? ›

The average wedding gift amount hovers right around $100, which is a great place to start, and you can increase or decrease that based on how close you are.


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